[idz_ui_dropcap type=”default”]W[/idz_ui_dropcap]e are very proud to announce that the talented cybersecurity startup ThreatLandScape was enrolled into our Startup Empower Program“.

ThreatLandscape is a cybersecurity firm from India providing advanced threat intelligence to security operations teams, cyber threat analysts, and incident responders with real-time insight on existing and emerging threats.

ThreatLandscape offers one-click contexts with historical and real- time linkages between threats, campaigns, actors, and exploits. This helps prioritise alerts to reduce response time and increase the productivity of Security Operations Centres (SOCs) by 10X.

ThreatLandscape will leverage vFeed IO vulnerability & threat solution to better identify trending vulnerabilities and offers first-hand information about misuse across any application to allow patch management teams prevent hacks.

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