About vFeed IO

    Enrich your vulnerability information

    Cyber-attack is an increasingly sophisticated criminal economy with destructive breaches occurring globally on a daily and indiscriminate basis.  vFeed IO specializes in unique, empowering technology and threat intelligence solutions.  We are passionate about protecting vulnerable and sensitive systems, and enabling clients to rapidly detect and react against cyber-attacks. 

    Here at vFeed IO, without the constraints of investor and VC liaison, we have the freedom to channel 100% of our focus into perfecting the optimum product.  Our current worldwide client base comprises of a wide and diverse range of individuals and businesses from hackers, consultancy firms, CERTs and freelancers to  governmental organizations, software companies and intelligence providers.   Regardless of your size or function, we are confident that vFeed is the solution you have been looking for.  Read what our clients say about us here.

    vFeed IO techniques and methods for the automated gathering, tracking and correlating vulnerability / threat intelligence process is under Patent Pending.