vFeed Professional Services Update – Oct 2019

    These past few months have been very productive. We have progressed on several tasks all related and  focused on our sole objective to enrich our vulnerability intelligence database. And the strenght of our solution comes from the simplicity in which we have turned the complexity of large vulnerability data collection, classification and aggregation into the easy-to-use feed.

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    vFeed Professional Services Update – July 2019

    We are back to give you news about our vFeed, Inc. life and times.  First and on behalf of the whole team I would love to thank you for your interest in our vulnerability & threat database product. Since the beginning of this year, our small startup has had tremendous successes and we are delighted. 

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    vFeed Professional Major Update Release

    As I announced in the previous newsletter, we have undertaken several works to make the database as complete as possible however the universes decided otherwise. 

    So the whole team was focused to enhance our CPEs platform structure in such way to align with the newest NVD configuration. This took a little time to review the database schema, update our engine  to reflect the changes and do all the tests.

    Hopefully by the end of this month, we will submit another update with several new datasources additions.

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    vFeed Professional Services Update – Jan 2019

    As I announced in the previous newsletter, we have undertaken several works to make the database as complete as possible while concealing the complexity of the process. By the way, that’s the very reason we’ve gained new happy customers. They were seduced by the richness of our data and ease of use. 

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    vFeed Professional Services Update – Dec 2018

    Another year has just come to an end and we are grateful to you we have customers and users like you who are a pleasure to deal with.

    This newsletter will be short and will not detail the features added in December 2018. We will do it in January. Similarly, I would not do a retrospective on the accomplishments realized during 2018 and they were numerous. However, we will focus on the things we will do today.

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    vFeed IO and DNIF Sealed a Technology Integration Partnership

    Looking to accelerate their big data analytics platform, DNIF and vFeed joined hands to seal a Technology Integration partnership.

    DNIF is a first of its kind Next-Gen SIEM that brings in multiple data-driven functionalities like SOAR, UEBA, Security Analytics, Threat Hunting and ML/AI together onto a single platform and empowers organizations with meaningful insights, process efficiency, better manageability and reduced risks. 

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