Threat Response

vFeed algorithms crawl private and public resources to collect, aggregate and standardise the effective and relevant indicators.

The comprehensive set of indicators will effectively reduce the effort and time to mitigate the identified threat or vulnerability.

Quick Deployment of Threat Response. Take Action !

Extended correlation algorithms to support hundreds of vulnerabilities, issues, bugs, fixes and proof of concepts. vFeed has redesigned the concept of vulnerability intelligence to expand its solution to connect, map and align with the most important vendors advisories & exploits datasources.

Scan Your Assets With VAT Signatures

Easily pinpoint the appropriate vulnerability scanners scripts such as Nessus or OpenVAS to scan your network against the identified threat.

Apply Effective Defensive Rules

Improve your defenses with security rules such as Snort or Suricata to enable an effective detection against the identified vulnerability.

Test How To Attack Your Weak Points

Verify whether your assets are exploitable by leveraging mappings to the best penetration software such as Metasploit. vFeed correlates a large variety of exploits against vulnerabilities.

Optimize Your Patch Process

vFeed maps the relevant patches and hotfixes from different vendors. Upon discovery of the vulnerability, our engine crawls the web to link any pertinent and available security updates.

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