• Community Edition

      Non Commercial Usage

      Due to some people misuse of our data and reusing it for commercial purposes without neither our consent nor paying the fees, we are discontinuing the vFeed Community Edition.

      A new vFeed Free vulnerability database will be available soon with very limited features .

    • Integrator

      EOL May 2019

      • Community Edition paid license
      • Integrated with managed & cloud services
      • Daily updated
      • Any other remunerative services
    • Professional

      Suitable for Software Companies

      • New restructure database
      • Extended to support 100+ sources
      • New cool API features
      • Deployed over Amazon S3

    Great News, vFeed Pro is Released.

      Consultancy and Integrator Plans customers will be granted a Good rates for  2 Years Check out some additional features

    100+ Mappings

    Report Connectors

    Daily Updates

    And more cool features