Trusted Intelligence at Your Fingertips

    vFeed IO correlates hundreds of sources to extend the vulnerabilities accuracy by eliminating false positives, standarzing the content and enabling a viable way to assess the real risk

    • Compliant with MITRE industry standards
    • Aligned with all SCAP requirements
    • Mapped with vulnerability solutions identifiers
    • Cross-linked with  security advisories
    • Enrich your reports and findings
    • Achieve vulnerability risk assessment

    Large Coverage of Software and Applications

    vFeed IO is fully aligned with the official CPE (Common Platform Enumeration) dictionary. Therefore, it covers the largest database of systems, software and packages with 190.000+ products

    Operating Systems

    Extensive Vulnerability Database

    vFeed IO includes a wide plethora of detective and preventive security information repository used for gathering vulnerability and mitigation data from scattered internet sources into a unified database.

    • Vulnerability description using industry standards (CVE, CWE, CPE…)
    • Mitigations and workarounds based on the CAPEC standard
    • Draw a complete overview regarding the attack vectors and weaknesses
    • Risk and impact scoring based on CVSS and other criteria
    • Aligned with application threat classification such as WASC
    • Support third-party exploitation platforms such as Metasploit or SaintExploit

    Quick Deployment of Threat Response

    The comprehensive set of detective, corrective and preventive scripts and rules cross-referenced within the database will effectively reduce the effort and time to mitigate the identified threat or vulnerability

    Scan Your Assets

    Easily pinpoint the appropriate vulnerability scanners scripts such as Nessus, etc. to scan your network against the identified threat

    Apply Effective Defensive Rules

    Improve your defenses with security rules such as Snort or Suricata to enable an effective detection against the identified vulnerability

    Test Your Weak Points

    Verify whether your assets are exploitable by leveraging cross-linking to the best penetration software such as Metasploit. vFeed IO maps and references a large variety of exploits against vulnerabilities

    Optimize Your Patch Process

    vFeed IO maps the relevant patches and hotfixes from different vendors. Upon discovery of the vulnerability, our engine crawls the web to link any pertinent and available security updates