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    Program Overview

    Threat intelligence and vulnerability management have become two key priorities in any size company. In fact, these two areas make it possible to feed the different company actors with technical data that ultimately lead to strategic decision-making.

    Therefore, we noticed that young startups, often with revolutionary ideas, put themselves on this market to conquer it in their own way. However, the reality is different. Startups face several challenges: time-to-market issues, the necessary funds required to acquire expensive licenses or just the adequate resources to develop a relevant component  for the main product / service.

    The startups with vulnerability and threat intelligence based products / services are not immune to this rule.  Such products / services need multiple feeds and sources to enhance the reliability and accuracy of the vulnerability or threat. As a result, startups need first to develop this component before addressing their main idea. It is a waste of time, energy and resources. And it will dramatically increase the development process, budget, cost, time to market and maintainability.


    So, we have solved this problem. vFeed IO is proud to introduce the “Startup Empower Program”.  We do provide the vulnerability and threat database full of awesome sources and you only focus on your main objective.


    Startups that are willing to release vulnerability and threat intelligence products / services need the data. We do provide it. It is called vFeed Professional Vulnerability & Threat.

    Once the Startup is validated as eligible to this program, it will have access to our full database and start significantly increase the development process by focusing on its product / service.

    1. The Startup shall have no investors (or only seed money) during the acknowledgment of the contract.
    2. The developed product / service shall not compete with vFeed IO services.
    3. The Startup shall agree on the “vFeed IO Service Terms and Conditions”.

    Interested in Startup Empower Program?

    Focus on your business and let us supply you with the data

    Our Enrolled Startups

    ThreatLandScape – Open and Dark Web Threat Intelligence | India

    ThreatLandscape is  Cyber Threat Intelligence start-up using Machine Learning and advanced NLP techniques with a mission to help governments and enterprises preempt threat mitigation.  ThreatLandscape offers one-click contexts with historical and real- time linkages between threats, campaigns, actors, and exploits. This helps prioritise alerts to reduce response time and increase the productivity of Security Operations Centres (SOCs) by 10X