These past few months have been very productive. We have progressed on several tasks all related and  focused on our sole objective to enrich our vulnerability intelligence database. And the strenght of our solution comes from the simplicity in which we have turned the complexity of large vulnerability data collection, classification and aggregation into the easy-to-use feed.

Issac Newton would smartly sum it up in one sentence “Truth is ever be found in simplicity and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things

This month’s highlight is the integration and support of the latest MITRE list  “2019 CWE Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors“.  It will definitely help our customers to sort and validate their vulnerabilities according to this criterion. 

Furthermore, we have integrated several advisories & exploits datasources and the most important are Cisco Talos Intelligence , CheckPoint Zero Research exploits, Google Project Zero, Tenable Proof Of Concept (PoC) and the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI).  On the other hand, we have improved the support of CWE, CAPEC & ATT&CK to stay aligned with the latest releases. The CVE-ATT&CK mapping has been been significantly enhanced. I let you explore the full technical wrap-up in the details.

On the business facet, we are pleased to annouce that 3 innovative startups (Furtim, Culinda & V6Protect) have joined our customers list as companies eligible to the “Startup Empower Program“. You will find the stories of the vFeed vulnerability integration in their service in this newsletter.

We are as well very gratified to announce that our solution was added to the “CAPEC Organization Usage list.  It shows how we are actively advocating the standarization industries such as CVE, ATT&CK, CWE, CPE and CAPEC.

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