[idz_ui_dropcap type=”default”]W[/idz_ui_dropcap]e are extremely thrilled to unveil our newest program “Startup Empower Program”. As a matter of fact and since vFeed IO introduces the professional release of its vulnerability and threat intelligence database, we have been dealing with different types of companies & customers ranging from large to small and startups.

We have noticed that young startups, often with revolutionary ideas, put themselves on this market to conquer it in their own way. However, the reality is different. Startups face several challenges: time-to-market issues, the necessary funds required to acquire expensive licenses or just the adequate resources to develop a relevant component for the main product / service.

So, we have solved this problem by introducing the “Startup Empower Program”.  We do provide the vulnerability and threat database full of awesome sources and indicators and the startups focus on their main objective.

If you are willing to launch a Startup and provide vulnerability, security advisory or threat intelligence, be aware that vFeed IO can empower you with a win-win “Startup Empower Program”

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