Looking to accelerate their big data analytics platform, DNIF and vFeed joined hands to seal a Technology Integration partnership.

DNIF is a first of its kind Next-Gen SIEM that brings in multiple data-driven functionalities like SOAR, UEBA, Security Analytics, Threat Hunting and ML/AI together onto a single platform and empowers organizations with meaningful insights, process efficiency, better manageability and reduced risks. 


vFeed IO correlates different scattered sources and transforms big data into correlated vulnerability and threat intelligence database and multi-formats feeds.

Organisations with the actual vFeed licensed subscription have the ability to be used within DNIF platform.


The modus operandi integration is described and documentated in detail into the company documentation page. Needless to say that DNIF is continuously releasing and maintaining set of  “plugins” or “lookups” to deal with different cyber-security matters ranging from threat intelligence, malware trackers to IPS signatures and now the support to vulnerability database.

About vFeed IO

vFeed IO technology and engines transforms big data into the world’s comprehensive and correlated vulnerability and threat intelligence database and multi-formats feeds. Without the constraints of investors and VCs, we are focused 100% into perfecting the optimum product to empower our customers technology and threat intelligence solutions.  We are passionate about protecting vulnerable and sensitive systems, and enabling clients to rapidly detect and react against cyber-attacks.

For more detailed information on vFeed IO’s solution, please visit https://vfeed.io/