Embedded Device Vulnerability Analysis Case Study Using Trommel and vFeed Community Edition

    With the standardization of the Internet of Things (IoT) label, the public is gradually becoming aware of its wide use in almost all fields. And with this democratization we are confronted with this old and inherent problem: Security. And for good reason, IoT have become in the recent years the cyber-attackers preferred targets. In fact behind this marketing label lies the heart of the concern: Embedded systems.

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    Provide An Open Source Threat Information Database And API Then Sell Premium Data Subscriptions

    Here is a cool article written by Kin Lane the author the renowned blog API Evangelist about the vFeed approach. The author discusses our model from a technical and business perspective and what would be the perfect solution in a perfect world.

    However, we had intentionally geared our development towards a Python API for various reasons we depicted in a previous post “API or not – Why do like everyone else?“.  Nevertheless, Kin raised several good points in his article. A must read !!

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    Case Study : How a French company CSIRT prevented indirectly Petya using vFeed solution

    Last night I was contacted by one of the CSIRT‘s head of a large French company. We talked a lot about the shortcomings and mistakes which have benefited the replication of this new malware/wiper Petya.

    He first told me how they were able to avoid the worst for their clients with a little common sense, reaction and a lot of intelligence. At this stage, the extra of tools and solutions did not help too much the unfortunate ones impacted. In fact, the management of IT security has become more complex with the introduction of new trend technologies.

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