vFeed IO announces its Technology & Third Party Integration (T2PI) Program

    vFeed IO understands the security challenges our customers may face to address in our today’s complex network environments. Hence, vFeed IO is proud to announce a program that supports and enables industry-leading technology companies and new pioneer startups.

    vFeed IO Technology and Third Party Integration Program (T2PI) is an effective opportunity for companies to create with us an extensive ecosystem that will help to deliver best-in-class gap-fillers security solutions.

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    vFeed IO Awarded U.S. Patent for Compiling and Distributing Correlated Vulnerability Database

    Greatest achievement

    We at vFeed IO, the leader in Correlated Vulnerability and Threat Intelligence Database, announce that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted us a patent for our innovative approach to compile different internet and software sources into aggregated formats. This is our first patent to settle vFeed IO as leader in the market and to enforce our intellectual property portfolio. 

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    vFeed in The state of Linux security in 2017 (Linux-Audit Online Magazine)

    Source: https://linux-audit.com/the-state-of-linux-security-2017/

    The year is closing, so it is time to review Linux security. Like last year, we look at the state of Linux security. A collection of the finest moments. Did we forget something important? Let us know in the comments. This post will remain updated in the upcoming weeks.

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    Embedded Device Vulnerability Analysis Case Study Using Trommel and vFeed Community Edition

    With the standardization of the Internet of Things (IoT) label, the public is gradually becoming aware of its wide use in almost all fields. And with this democratization we are confronted with this old and inherent problem: Security. And for good reason, IoT have become in the recent years the cyber-attackers preferred targets. In fact behind this marketing label lies the heart of the concern: Embedded systems.

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