vFeed IO is the new established entity that took over the distribution and commercialisation of vFeed Vulnerability & Threat Intelligence Database. At vFeed IO, we enjoy working in a zen mode as we have the freedom of not having to deal with investors and VCs. This allows us to solely focus on one product and […]

I often hear clients and users request applications list of features and among their question appears: Do you guys provide a web service or RESTful API ? Although the API approach has opened a new era of interoperability between systems and solutions, has greatly reduced the connectivity effort and simplified life to many of us. […]

vFeed Framework is a CVE, CWE and OVAL Compatible naming scheme concept that provides extra structured detailed third-party references and technical characteristics for a CVE entry through an extensible XML/JSON schema. It also improves the reliability of CVEs by providing a flexible and comprehensive vocabulary for describing the relationship with other standards and security references.