vFeed Framework is a CVE, CWE and OVAL Compatible naming scheme concept that provides extra structured detailed third-party references and technical characteristics for a CVE entry through an extensible XML/JSON schema. It also improves the reliability of CVEs by providing a flexible and comprehensive vocabulary for describing the relationship with other standards and security references.

  • [New] Updated and optimized search function with new keys (cve, cwe, oval and text). Please refer to documentation
  • [New] The search result is returned as JSON content. It may contain references to exploits whenever they are available
  • [New] Added support to Python3. Thanks to Elnappo (https://github.com/elnappo)
  • [Fix] Fixed issue #64. The CLI is separated from the library.
  • [Fix] Fixed issue #67. Modified the config.py to reflect The OVAL repository new URL hosted by CIS.

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