The Metabrik Platform is a Rapid Development of Reusable Security Tools that binds together a classic shell with a Perl interpreter as a REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) and a ton of small Briks. Briks are reusable components each performing a specific task. You chain Briks together using Perl variables, they are used to pass output of a Brik command as input for another Brik command.

By chaining Briks together, you easily create new powerful tools, just like the UNIX pipe. With Metabrik, you have a brik for everything whether for malware analysis, forensics, network testing, MitM attacks, Wifi attacks.  In fact, there are more than 150 availabe Briks.
In one of his revision, the author added the support to vFeed Database.  Now, Metabrik users can load  and chain easily information related to vulnerability and threat intelligence. This can be really useful during malware analysis, pentesting or security assessment assignments.
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