We are continuously improving  vFeed Vulnerability & Threat Intelligence Professional Services by adding new sources and enhancements. Therefore and for the current week, we have added so far 3 major improvements.

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ATT&CK attributes displayed on CVE-2017-7494

  • New vendors and intrusion detection sources added(*)
  • New YARA repositories added
  • Changed value name (for some vendors) for the “class”  key under tag “preventive” from “bulletin” to “fix”. This will differentiate vendors releasing “fixes” and “patches” from “bulletins” (other vulnerability databases such as BID )

  • New python 3.x API version 0.9.7 released to support the newest additions.
  • The full vFeed Professional Vulnerability database alonside ‘Sync & Use’ JSON files private Github repositories are regenerated to reflect the changes.


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(*) For confidentiality reasons,  sources names are not disclosed.