Another year has just come to an end and we are grateful to you we have customers and users like you who are a pleasure to deal with.

This newsletter will be short and will not detail the features added in December 2018. We will do it in January. Similarly, I would not do a retrospective on the accomplishments realized during 2018 and they were numerous. However, we will focus on the things we will do today.

We have redesigned our roadmap to adapt to the vulnerability market. Thus, in 2019, we will integrate new vulnerability databases that do not have CVEs. This will allow us to conquer new customers seeking to expand their vulnerability intelligence solution on products and packages such as NodeJS, PHP, Rust, Ruby, JavaScript and more.

We will also continue to enhance and increase our correlation capability by integrating new sources related primarily to exploits, detection rules and patching links.

For the moment, we are going to meditate on the famous quote from the prodigious physicist Erwin Schrödinger  “The present is the only thing that has no end”  … So let’s get to work 🙂

vFeed IO team wish you a New Year as Cheerful and Happy as you are.