Greatest achievement

We at vFeed IO, the leader in Correlated Vulnerability and Threat Intelligence Database, announce that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted us a patent for our innovative approach to compile different internet and software sources into aggregated formats. This is our first patent to settle vFeed IO as leader in the market and to enforce our intellectual property portfolio. 

The patent was filled earlier 2015 to protect our vulnerability and threat intelligence correlation engine. Technically, vFeed IO‘s patented technology provides an automated method, performed by our internal servers, for tracking, correlating and cross-referencing information from a number of vulnerability scattered data sources with one another. This allows a more accurate risk assessment regarding vulnerabilities and threats.

We are very proud and honored that the U.S. Patent and Trade Office has recognized our method and system for automated computer vulnerability tracking as deserving the effort to be protected and patented. Our customers and users are the first beneficiaries of such achievement as we will continue to extend our correlated vulnerability database potential with cool capabilities and nice features.

About vFeed IO

vFeed IO technology and engines transforms big data into correlated vulnerability and threat intelligence database and multi-formats feeds. Without the constraints of investors and VCs, we are focused 100% into perfecting the optimum product to empower our customers technology and threat intelligence solutions.  We are passionate about protecting vulnerable and sensitive systems, and enabling clients to rapidly detect and react against cyber-attacks.

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