At vFeed,Inc. , we understand the security challenges your organization faces and are focused 100% into protecting vulnerable and sensitive systems, empowering  your technology and threat intelligence solutions and enabling you to rapidly detect and react against cyber-attacks, .

We are happy to invite you to join DNIF Konnect and understand the importance of having a vulnerability strategy in place and get a live demonstration of how you can automatically retrieve vulnerability indicators (CVE, CWE, OVAL, exploits, patches, scanners IDs, IPS signatures, Yara, ATT&CK identifiers and many) from vFeed Professional database .

DNIF Konnect is a virtual meetup where all cybersecurity enthusiasts connect and learn the latest in cyber defense. 

Hear from the experts Rachid Harrando, Advisory board member, vFeed, Inc., NJ Ouchn, Founder vFeed, Inc. and Shomiron Das Gupta, Founder and CEO, DNIF as they help you stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving security landscape. 

If you’d like to know and understand more information about strategies to implement and improve your own vulnerability management process , this virtual event is for you.

Thursday July 4, 2019 | 2:30 PM IST

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During this session you will learn how to:
– Automatically retrieve CVE information from vFeed
– Implement and improve your own vulnerability management process
– Automate response actions with Freshdesk ITSM integration

Not sure what your schedule is going to look like on July 4? No problem! You can register today and we’ll send you a recording