vFeed IO is the new established entity that took over the distribution and commercialisation of vFeed Vulnerability & Threat Intelligence Database.

At vFeed IO, we enjoy working in a zen mode as we have the freedom of not having to deal with investors and VCs. This allows us to solely focus on one product and how we can improve it. And our customers and users just love it.

In 2 months, we just registered our 10.000th subscriber regarding the community version. We celebrated as well our first consultancy / integrator license plans clients. Furthermore, vFeed IO is boosting new vulnerability and intelligence startups by offering great win-win deals. Read what they said about us.

After months of lawyer back and forth communications, we are delightful to announce that our process to automate the gathering, the correlation and the distribution of vulnerability / threat intelligence sources is finally under Patent Pending (METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATED COMPUTER VULNERABILITY TRACKING)

Meanwhile, we have improved our documentation as per our clients request and feedback. The new shining section in now available here.

We keep as well updating our blog to show how easy vFeed database can be integrated with different businesses. Read here good implementation stories.

Ultimately, the best is upcoming for 2017 with the imminent release of vFeed Pro version and its very cool features. The first beta will distributed to registered consultancy / integrator plans clients current Q1 2017.

The team at vFeed IO