End-of-Sale for vFeed Consultancy and Integrator Licenses

    6th July 2018, vFeed IO is announcing an End-of-Sale of 30th July 2018 regarding the distribution of the vFeed Consultancy and Integrator Licenses as per the following End-Of-Life Policy:

    • The daily database feed update will be maintained until 30th of July 2019.
    • The support will cover python API bug fixes and maintenance releases until 30th of July 2019.

    vFeed IO customers should evaluate the newest vFeed Professional Service as an alternative. We have introduced advanced features to empower our customers vulnerability management and enrich their threat intelligence solutions.
    The Community Edition will still distributed for FREE and updated only once / month. For frequent updates (4 per day) and more correlation sources (150+)  consider trying out vFeed Professional Service

    Provide An Open Source Threat Information Database And API Then Sell Premium Data Subscriptions

    Here is a cool article written by Kin Lane the author the renowned blog API Evangelist about the vFeed approach. The author discusses our model from a technical and business perspective and what would be the perfect solution in a perfect world.

    However, we had intentionally geared our development towards a Python API for various reasons we depicted in a previous post “API or not – Why do like everyone else?“.  Nevertheless, Kin raised several good points in his article. A must read !!

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    API or not – Why do like everyone else?

    I often hear clients and users request applications list of features and among their question appears: Do you guys provide a web service or RESTful API ?

    Although the API approach has opened a new era of interoperability between systems and solutions, has greatly reduced the connectivity effort and simplified life to many of us.  However, there are as well numerous drawbacks and disadvantages. Occasionally, companies tend to neglect the growing significant costs incurred related to the development, the maintenance, the alignment with the product capabilities and the documentation that must be maintained up to date. Ask the experts of the cost accounting, they will be happy to make an exposé regarding the direct and indirect costs and their stake in a company.

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    vFeed API 0.7.0 released with support of Python3

    vFeed Framework is a CVE, CWE and OVAL Compatible naming scheme concept that provides extra structured detailed third-party references and technical characteristics for a CVE entry through an extensible XML/JSON schema. It also improves the reliability of CVEs by providing a flexible and comprehensive vocabulary for describing the relationship with other standards and security references.

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    Exploratory analysis of vFeed Database using Shiny App

    An independant developer has release a Shiny App is for searching and visualizing vFeed fully aggregated, cross-linked and standardized Vulnerability CVE Database that contains detective and preventive security information repository used for gathering vulnerability and mitigation data on the internet.

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