End-of-Sale for vFeed Consultancy and Integrator Licenses

    6th July 2018, vFeed IO is announcing an End-of-Sale of 30th July 2018 regarding the distribution of the vFeed Consultancy and Integrator Licenses as per the following End-Of-Life Policy:

    • The daily database feed update will be maintained until 30th of July 2019.
    • The support will cover python API bug fixes and maintenance releases until 30th of July 2019.

    vFeed IO customers should evaluate the newest vFeed Professional Service as an alternative. We have introduced advanced features to empower our customers vulnerability management and enrich their threat intelligence solutions.
    The Community Edition will still distributed for FREE and updated only once / month. For frequent updates (4 per day) and more correlation sources (150+)  consider trying out vFeed Professional Service

    [vFeed Professional Weekly Update] Pre-Generated JSON files available

    We are very happy to announce the immediate availability of the highly anticipated feature : The pre-generated vulnerability & threats JSON files.

    Indeed, we have received many customers requests regarding the performance improvement when exporting data into JSON. In fact, the python API access to the SQLite database and all the queries done to retrieve the information make the cumulative response time deteriorate a bit.

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