As notified in our last December 2020 Newsletter, we have introduced a new great feature “Vulnerability Common Patch Format – VCPF”. Basically, instead of reporting links to bulletins, we have extended our engines to enumerate “vulnerable packages” and “vulnerable versions” affected by vulnerabilities. For its first release, we have implemented the support to “Ubuntu” dataset.  Great […]

I’m excited to announce new updates & enhancements regarding the vFeed Vulnerability Intelligence Service. 2 major new addition for this release are the support of 5000+ exploits (mainly from Github) and the alignment with ATT&CK v7.2. We will continue focusing on adding and enhancing the quality of data to bring our customers the best vulnerability intelligence feed.

Almost for as long as computers have been around, there have been vulnerabilities and individuals willing to exploit them for their gain, and your detriment. These vulnerabilities aren’t decreasing, but actually increasing as the complexity and diversity of our technologies and software systems expand over time. In many cases, these vulnerabilities are picked up by […]

Security company ClearSky has released few days ago a very detailed report about Iranian hackers Group that have targeted large companies from the IT, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Government, and Security sectors around the world in order to plant backdoors. In this post, we will show you how our vFeed indicators could have been […]