vFeed released a great tool that provides a way to quickly collect, track, and correlate vulnerability info and exploits/PoCs via their API. A service like this is invaluable for research and staying up to date with the latest exploit vectors

I have integrated “vFeed  Community Edition” into a custom developed embedded device vulnerability analysis tool called Trommel. vFeed provides the additional vulnerability information I need when doing firmware analysis.

Working with tons of CVE on big scope pentests / vulnerability scans can be very time consuming. Hopefully vFeed brings a extremely simple but effective way to speed up things. Community Edition is very nice but Consultancy Licence adds a daily update which is quite mandatory for our job. Keep up the good work !

I challenged my security team to find a consistent and easy way to improve efficiently our cloud malware engine to provide our customers risk remediation and attack detection capabilities. vFeed was just the perfect solution. The integration went smoother than i thought. The compatibility with the open standards was the icing on the cake. Thanks […]

I was looking for a way to get CVE information and CVSS scores into my SimpleRisk tool and started playing with vFeed.  I found the interface to be thorough, yet extremely easy to use.  Within minutes I was able to develop an API around it for my tool to interact with and within hours I […]

We were using vFeed community for at least 2 years. As our services evolved, we decided to acquire the license to build a new vulnerability notification system based on the robust features of vFeed database. We reduced an amazing amount of time when it comes to threat correlation. Thanks for vFeed for their outstanding engagement