technology partners

    Program Overview

    vFeed IO understands the security challenges our customers may face to address in our today’s complex network environments. Hence, vFeed IO is proud to announce a program that supports and enables industry-leading technology companies and new pioneer startups.

    vFeed IO Technology and Third Party Integration Program (T2PI) is an effective opportunity for companies to create with us an extensive ecosystem that will help to deliver best-in-class gap-fillers security solutions.

    The T2PI provides third-party companies and startups with the technical, support resources and marketing means as well as additional tools to help design and implement the integration between vFeed IO Services and their products.

    Validation Process

    We have one level of Technology Partnership. Thus, the process is designed to verify that the technology partner can be integrated within our services and has a valuable addition.

    Once the partner application is submitted, vFeed IO will go through the following 5 steps validation process . 

    1. Send us an email using “Apply Now”  located at the bottom of this page at with the required information (company,solution description, delivery methods …).
    2. We will evaluate your application to ensure it will deliver an added-value to our customers.
    3. We will contact you to schedule an appointment for technical and financial compensation discussions.
    4. We will test the integration in our lab and made available the whole result during the validation process.
    5. If the implementation passes the validation process, the partner will be notified and the integration case about the alliance will be made available through our channels.

    Interested in becoming a Partner ?

    Let’s build together enhanced capabilities to overcome security challenges