vFeed IO and DNIF Sealed a Technology Integration Partnership

    Looking to accelerate their big data analytics platform, DNIF and vFeed joined hands to seal a Technology Integration partnership.

    DNIF is a first of its kind Next-Gen SIEM that brings in multiple data-driven functionalities like SOAR, UEBA, Security Analytics, Threat Hunting and ML/AI together onto a single platform and empowers organizations with meaningful insights, process efficiency, better manageability and reduced risks. 

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    Good news and major updates

    After several months of work, we finally achieved a great milestone: Our correlated vulnerability & threat intelligence Community Edition database registered over 150.000 (and counting) subscribers. And we are extremely proud about it !!!

    Meanwhile we have added the automated database update process as part of a major improvement to fulfill our users’ most requested feature. Therefore, updating the vFeed database is less effort for our customers and privileged users.

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    vFeed Vulnerability & Threat Database Build 05032017 available

    The vFeed vulnerability & threat intelligence Consultancy & Integrator Plans database has been updated with +32 new CVEs and hundreds of cross-linked references (Metasploit, OpenVAS, Nessus, Nmap, OVAL, Snort, Suricata and more).

    If you are not registered, you can check-out for free the community edition here

     Registered users and customers may use the automated update capability. Please refer to documentation.