vFeed IO and DNIF Sealed a Technology Integration Partnership

    Looking to accelerate their big data analytics platform, DNIF and vFeed joined hands to seal a Technology Integration partnership.

    DNIF is a first of its kind Next-Gen SIEM that brings in multiple data-driven functionalities like SOAR, UEBA, Security Analytics, Threat Hunting and ML/AI together onto a single platform and empowers organizations with meaningful insights, process efficiency, better manageability and reduced risks. 

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    vFeed Professional Services Update – Sept 2018

    We are continuously improving the vFeed Vulnerability & Threat Intelligence Professional Services by adding new sources and enhancements. Therefore and for the last weeks, we have added and improved many datasources and third party references.

    For confidentialy reasons, the newly added advisories and bulletins sources names are not disclosed. However, our customers and verified vFeed Professional testers and users have received a very detailed “Sept 2018 Newsletter” with all additions and improvements.

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    Case Study : How a French company CSIRT prevented indirectly Petya using vFeed solution

    Last night I was contacted by one of the CSIRT‘s head of a large French company. We talked a lot about the shortcomings and mistakes which have benefited the replication of this new malware/wiper Petya.

    He first told me how they were able to avoid the worst for their clients with a little common sense, reaction and a lot of intelligence. At this stage, the extra of tools and solutions did not help too much the unfortunate ones impacted. In fact, the management of IT security has become more complex with the introduction of new trend technologies.

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    Exploratory analysis of vFeed Database using Shiny App

    An independant developer has release a Shiny App is for searching and visualizing vFeed fully aggregated, cross-linked and standardized Vulnerability CVE Database that contains detective and preventive security information repository used for gathering vulnerability and mitigation data on the internet.

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    vFeed Case Study: Applying Data Analytics on Vulnerability Scan

    vFeed Database was recently leveraged in a SANS Institute infosec reading room paper called “Applying Data Analytics on Vulnerability Data” for GIAC GCIH Gold Certification. The main purpose was to enrich a Nessus based vulnerability scan results with information extracted from vFeed.

    The paper shows how powerful was vFeed when it comes to vulnerability correlation.

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