vFeed IO Announces its New Program to Empower Start-ups

    We are extremely thrilled to unveil our newest program “Startup Empower Program”. As a matter of fact and since vFeed IO introduces the professional release of its vulnerability and threat intelligence database, we have been dealing with different types of companies & customers ranging from large to small and startups.

    We have noticed that young startups, often with revolutionary ideas, put themselves on this market to conquer it in their own way. However, the reality is different. Startups face several challenges: time-to-market issues, the necessary funds required to acquire expensive licenses or just the adequate resources to develop a relevant component for the main product / service.

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    vFeed IO To The Next Level : Announcing Our First Advisory Board Members

    Today we are very pleased to announce that M. Harrando Rachid has joined our team as Advisory Board and Partner.

    Long time friends since they met at the engineering school in Paris France, Rachid has always been advising Nabil during the earlier vFeed days.  So naturally, he becomes now officially part of the team as first Advisory Board member.

    In 2009, Rachid co-founded and led as CEO, NETpeas, a SaaS based security company providing software and solution in the MENA area. Rachid also spend 12 years at Texas Instruments in different roles and location in the world where he supported cell phone manufacturer ramp up to productions.

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    [vFeed Professional Weekly Update] Pre-Generated JSON files available

    We are very happy to announce the immediate availability of the highly anticipated feature : The pre-generated vulnerability & threats JSON files.

    Indeed, we have received many customers requests regarding the performance improvement when exporting data into JSON. In fact, the python API access to the SQLite database and all the queries done to retrieve the information make the cumulative response time deteriorate a bit.

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    vFeed IO announces its Technology & Third Party Integration (T2PI) Program

    vFeed IO understands the security challenges our customers may face to address in our today’s complex network environments. Hence, vFeed IO is proud to announce a program that supports and enables industry-leading technology companies and new pioneer startups.

    vFeed IO Technology and Third Party Integration Program (T2PI) is an effective opportunity for companies to create with us an extensive ecosystem that will help to deliver best-in-class gap-fillers security solutions.

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    vFeed IO Awarded U.S. Patent for Compiling and Distributing Correlated Vulnerability Database

    Greatest achievement

    We at vFeed IO, the leader in Correlated Vulnerability and Threat Intelligence Database, announce that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted us a patent for our innovative approach to compile different internet and software sources into aggregated formats. This is our first patent to settle vFeed IO as leader in the market and to enforce our intellectual property portfolio. 

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    Case Study : How a French company CSIRT prevented indirectly Petya using vFeed solution

    Last night I was contacted by one of the CSIRT‘s head of a large French company. We talked a lot about the shortcomings and mistakes which have benefited the replication of this new malware/wiper Petya.

    He first told me how they were able to avoid the worst for their clients with a little common sense, reaction and a lot of intelligence. At this stage, the extra of tools and solutions did not help too much the unfortunate ones impacted. In fact, the management of IT security has become more complex with the introduction of new trend technologies.

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